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Sensitivity for a client's personal style and choices has always been the point of departure for a job. Not forcing our preferences on a client allows for a wide range of styles from contemporary to traditional. The focus is on balance, harmony and optimal use of space. We give guidance to achieve an integrated final 'big picture' with attention to detail and quality.

A respect for clients' taste and possessions, recently led to a new line of service. A number of clients needed help to declutter and revamp their homes. This was achieved by rearranging furniture, artworks and selecting the best pieces to keep and deciding which to discard. With a few new touches a harmonious new interior emerged.

In the same vein, we are exploring the trend to 'Upcycle' old furniture by giving it a new look. These pieces will be displayed with the new furniture in our showroom.


After designing, building and decorating her own home 35 years ago, friends started asking Linda for advice. Her love of sewing and designing soft furnishings with a difference, led to orders and the beginning of a business. The name Rosalinda came up when Maryna Roos joined her.

The workroom in Silverton expanded rapidly, and her sister Maryna Roux took over the production line. Linda helped clients to choose fabrics, furniture and colour schemes to fit their lifestyles, from her Studio in Bailey's Muckleneuk, and did the installations.

In 2013 her daughter, Katinka, returned from England , where she had a decor shop for which we exported curtains etc. Her financial background and energy led to plans to the relaunch of the business in 2017.

The Studio and workroom are now be incorporated in the new showroom in Brooklyn , where furniture, carpets, artworks, and decor accessories are available. The plans for a tea garden are also in process.


Rosalinda created a showroom in May 2017 which is open to the public, allowing clients to browse and view all the different fabrics from all the fabric houses we stock and work with. The showroom includes art work, carpets, furniture, lamps and other d├ęcor accessories.

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The shop is open weekdays 8am - 4pm, and Saturdays 9am-12:30pm. Everybody is welcome to visit the showroom.

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