Designing for Generation Alpha

In 4 years’ time Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha), born from 2010-2025, will come of age, currently ages 0-11. Millennial Moms (age 25-40) are giving birth to some 9,000 Gen Alpha babies every day globally. By the time the entire generation has been birthed, Gen Alpha will be two billion strong. Alpha consumers have a huge market share because 81% of US millennial parents say the habits of their children influenced their last purchase. Gen Alpha wants their own voice and loves to express their individuality. Alphas are connected and highly influenced by friends, they want to be ‘cool’ and when new trends emerge they want it instantly. Gen Alpha pushes the boundaries of what the youth of today are capable of; they are writers, thinkers and activists and if companies dont pay attention to young voices they might completly miss an opportunity to impress the next generation.

Trend Identity - What this trend looks like

Millennials appreciate experience and creating memories above ownership and possessions. With high regards to health, arts and culture it is no wonder that they appreciate architecture and design that is minimal and chic. Millennials desires the same design values for their children. Gen Alpha is the most culturally diverse and globally connected, meaning they have a profound understanding of the world’s diversity in design and core values. With beautiful playgrounds and hushed refined colour pallets Gen Alpha will grow up with sophistication written into their DNA and this will change marketing in unexpected ways. Alphas rooms and play areas will be sophisticated while simultaneously supporting child-related designs, for example animal prints or a map as wallpaper. As Alphas’ mobile phones sport high levels of sophistication, they become more visually inclined, looking for simplicity in engaging designs. This target audience looks for organized and spacious layouts, classy fixtures, clean lines and mature colours in design. 

Trend Identity - What this trend looks like

The values and principles Millenials install into Alphas include:

1. The less is more minimalist movement. Millenials value quality over quantity and will make long term investments in brands with integrity. 

2. Gen Alpha is taught values such as mindfulness and slow living. They know what time well spend look like and their parents have placed importance on optimism of the self and the comunity. Focus is placed on joy and the greater good. They are young activists with 66% preferring to buy from companies trying to do good in the world. This generation is encouraged to reject narrow gender stereotypes and take pride in social identities dictated by themselves. 

3. Gen Alpha is tech-empowered not dependent, they know how to spend time away from their devices because they are encouraged to get back to nature or channel their natural curiosity to play the "old fashioned way". However, due to their exposure to multiple digital platforms, their experiences have to be seamless. 

Author Clara Minny


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